Pre-purchase surveys including valuations

Before buying a yacht, a surveyor should check if she has any hidden defects or other deficiencies.
YEXPE will inspect thoroughly the following sections

  • Hull (above and below waterline), deck and structure
  • Steering, stern gear and skin fittings
  • On deck equipment
  • Rig
  • Safety
  • Engines
  • Accommodation and on board systems

The inspection of each section will be concluded by a suggestion or recommendation. You will get a detailed report including pictures and ending with an evaluation of the yacht, which will help you to pay a fair price.

Exclusive underwater hull surveys
(including osmosis or corrosion control):

If you do not wish your complete yacht to be surveyed, we offer you a separate inspection of the hull below the waterline including the keel, rudder and stern gear.
FRP hulls will amongst others be analyzed for dry areas in the laminate and delamination. Moisture readings indicating any Osmosis related problems will be taken with a special meter.
Steeled hulls thicknesses and integrity will be verified using ultrasonic techniques.

Insurance surveys

Similar to a pre-purchase survey but required by the insurance/underwriter prior to issue or for the renewal of an insurance policy, it will focus on the yachts’ safety aspects and structural integrity.

Damage assessment & surveys

We will estimate the damage repair and costs for the affected yacht owner and help him to recondition his boat. If instructed by an insurance company/underwriter we in addition impartially assess the cause and extent of the incident.
Organizing the repair and controlling its costs in due form depends a lot on working with the right experts. YEXPE is continuously working with local service providers, especially in Spain, Portugal and France. We know who to choose and will instruct/supervise the local service providers for you.

Consultancy for refit, repair & installation of new items

If you plan to have mayor works or modifications on your yacht, it is essential that they are performed by qualified specialists.
In case of keeping your boat in a foreign country, it will be especially difficult for you to choose and control the right experts. Once again YEXPE’s contacts with local service providers in Spain, Portugal and France will help to finish the works to your satisfaction. We will choose, instruct and supervise the right local service provider for you.

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